Joe Biden Will Make His Gun Control Recommendations on Tuesday


It is not the Republicans standing in the way, it is the U.S. Constitution.

Which by the way, that douche-nozzle Biden took an oath to support and defend.
An executive order would inflame several parts of this country into open revolt.

I hope people can understand that there are lots of armed Americans looking to start a civil war, they just need the excuse or the spark. An Obama Executive Order, especially one specifically used to circumvent Congress, would be just that spark. It would be a rallying cry, everyone knows that one half to two thirds of this country hates King Obama, and this would just push people over the line on a very sensitive issue.

I don’t know if everyone else has noticed, but the entire rest of this country (besides Portland) has been stocking up for a civil war. They’re buying guns, ammo, and emergency food. They’re getting ready for a coming storm.

But hey, I’ve been stocking up to. So, if you folks really want it, and you want it bad enough, then I hope you’re willing to fight for it, and that you enjoy the consequences.
Maybe it would get somewhere if people stopped calling it gun "control."
It's fitting that the guy who drafted the core of the Patriot Act back in 1995, before the Oklahoma City bombing, is spearheading the gun control legislation.…

On a totally unrelated note, DHS has recently put in a purchase order for an additional 200,000 rounds of jacketed hollow point bullets, on top of the one and a half billion rounds they've already ordered in 2012.…
Know what I call someone arming themselves to rebel against the government?

@Aestro - that's hilarious. I call them "Patriots."

Do you literally wear a Red Coat, or am I just imaging that?
@fidelity: 55% of Americans approve of Obama personally, and 53% approve of the job he's doing as president, so, no, one half to two thirds of this country doesn't hate King Obama.

How is it the fringe-iest people think they are the ones who represent "real" America? The median person in this country wants a stronger Social Security, free health care, quality education, and no more wars. The more the gun nuts threaten revolution over *stronger background checks* for gun purchases, the more insane they look to the rest of the country.
@eldepeche - "The median person in this country wants a stronger Social Security, free health care, quality education, and no more wars."

Yes, I agree. I and would generally do fine with these things enacted, and I would support them being enacted.

But, here's the thing you probably don't realize - and don't worry, you're not alone, because clearly the 53% of Americans you're citing must not have realized it as well if your hypothesis is true:

Obama wants none of these things: he's expanded the wars, is happy to privatize social security and cut federal spending for schools (to pay for the wars) and he adopted a Free Market solution to healthcare that was borrowed from Mitt Romney.

So I have less faith that people really support Obama, in fact, if your hypothesis about American desires is true, an educated American shouldn’t support him either.

Also: yes, some gun nuts can be insane, and taking up arms over background checks is clearly insane. Don’t provoke the crazy people, just let them live in peace and let them do whatever they want as long as it doesn’t hurt you or others.
@fiedlity Do you live in 1770, or are you just imagining that?
"Don't enact gun control because the most unstable people in the country are against it, and they will murder people if it comes into effect, and it will be your fault."

That is probably the most fucked-up threat I've ever heard.
@eldepeche - Well, we do live in a society. We also live in a Republic. There are laws that are meant to restrict the majority and prevent them from abusing the minority.

So, if you're really eager to get gun ownership reform enacted as a policy, I would highly recommend not doing it through an Executive Order that is meant to bypass cornerstones of our Constitutional government (like, Congress).

Would you really want an executive leader who has that capability? Do you really want Michelle Bachman's administration simply creating an Executive Order that strips the rights of states to allow abortions or Flu shots? I think it's pretty reasonable for Americans to be deeply alarmed if an executive leader ceases powers when they can't get it through Congress. It's a bad precedent.

But otherwise, you did a good job rewording my concern about gun restriction proposals. I’ve brought warfare to another nation, and by doing so, I assisted in the slaughter of many innocent people. Take my advice: you do not want to see a war here at home, and there are people preparing for a civil war.

@Aestro, I just dress like I’m from 1770 because it turns your mom on.
The executive order part is a ludicrous threat, just as the platinum coin is a ludicrous threat. They're being made, because the right has been using ludicrous threats and distortions to pull the conversation further to the right than they otherwise have the legislative power to manage.

The Obama Administration is simply stepping up their rhetoric game to match. As someone who'd rather not see the tantrum-throwing children in Congress have their run of the joint, I'm relieved they're starting to play hardball. As an American, I can't say it's a positive development.