I hadn't heard of Manhattan Murder Mystery before they emailed me out of the blue last week, telling me they were coming up from LA, to do a show in Olympia tonight and one in Portland tomorrow (at Slabtown). They're also taping an episode of Please Remain Seated here in town on Sunday.

Having no idea what a band that called themselves Manhattan Murder Mystery might sound like, I took a listen to their Bandcamp page and instantly loved it; I wrote about 'em this week in the paper, and couldn't be more eager for the Slabtown show tomorrow.

Here's what I heard on that Bandcamp page. For some reason the EP starts on track 4 instead of track 1, but all six songs are great. "Sancho" and "Arlington Cemetary [sic]" are particularly amazing.

More about MMM here; see them tomorrow night at Slabtown.