"Zero Dark Thirty zooms in on everything from computer screens to bullets ripping through metal and flesh, but whether Kathryn Bigelow's capturing the blown-out harshness of a Middle Eastern desert, the empty flicker of florescent overheads, or the grainy green phosphorescence of night vision, she colors everything in shades of gray."

"Loosely based on Paul Lieberman's book Gangster Squad: Covert Cops, the Mob, and the Battle for Los Angeles, the film is both a mushy lovenote to the gangster genre and a gun-happy bloodbath that gives Django Unchained a run for its money."

"Rust and Bone's skin is bizarre and grimy, and the paths of its characters are frightening and erratic—from one moment to the next, it's impossible to anticipate where this odd story will go. Marion Cotillard punts her makeup bag to the side to play Stephanie, a brassy, working-class orca trainer (!) who works at a Sea World-like amusement park by day and rages at the clubs by night."

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