Local bike-ped-transit news magazine Portland Afoot has dug into the numbers on TriMet's bus routes and determined which lines are the most and least reliable.

Here's the rundown of 2012 Portland bus rankings:

MOST FREQUENT: The 72-Killingsworth, with 218 trips, followed by the 4-Division, with 174 trips.

LEAST FREQUENT: SW Portland's 55-Hamilton has only four trips per weekday and the 18-Hillside has only five.

MOST RELIABLE: TriMet records how often buses "bunch" together on a route, arriving one right after the other, which means one bus is running late. Of the "frequent service" buses, the most on-time lines are the 57-TV Highway and the 75-Cesar Chavez.

LEAST RELIABLE: Of the frequent service buses, the most frequent are also the least on-time, with the 72 buses "bunching up" 28 percent of the time and the 4 line bunching up 26 percent of the time.

MOST CROWDED: The 35-Macadam takes the prize, for being "above capacity" on 11 percent of trips.