Briefly changing the channel on the fiscal quibbling that's been dominating Washington DC since late last year, the Obama administration will begin pushing for a miracle immigration reform package—a comprehensive set of changes expected to include a "path to citizenship" for 11 million undocumented immigrants.

Light legal sentences for Hosni Mubarak and other members of the deposed dictator's inner circle have failed to slake the Egyptian public's thirst for retributive blood. And, hey, look, now Mubarak is going to be up for a retrial!

A domestic violence suspect with a gun led San Diego police on a chase into a movie theater. Which is where the cops shot and nearly killed him.

And, why yes, there has been another gang-rape reported in India. Seven men attacked a 29-year-old woman riding a bus.

Pinpointing the moment when the National Rifle Association took a turn for the crazy: May 21, 1977.

Was I the only person who didn't realize the Panama Canal is still getting bigger every year. Now ships as long as aircraft carriers can safely wade in.

Beijing's sky has been so filthy of late that the Chinese government has banned its employees from driving their cars on official business.

In the future,
world-weary pirates will hold press conferences when they retire from the harsh life of privateering.

Here's a pretty good ticktock
of how Nike's deal with Governor John Kitzhaber took shape, a report that also reveals two other potential potential landing spots for the company's expansion: Austin and Vancouver.

Anna Griffin marvelously tells the story of a church in Northeast Portland adrift, like so many others, on the seas of gentrification.