Although the question-asking really goes both ways. In fact, the piece starts with a question from Dunham. July's introduction to this Interview interview begins:

A couple of weeks ago, Lena Dunham and I met for dinner. As soon as we'd placed our orders at a French-ish cafÉ in the Silver Lake section of Los Angeles, we plunged into a conversation about love between girls—both platonic and romantic. I began to describe my first real relationship, which was with a girl, and Lena immediately asked, "How did you feel about her vagina?" A few days later, I was telling this to an old friend, and the old friend said, "I've known you for 20 years and I've never thought to ask you that. . . How did you feel about her vagina?" Of course, Lena always goes straight for the most interesting thing, the thing you really want to know, even if it seems too intimate or too silly or too gross...

So how did July feel about her girlfriend's vagina? "Terrific. I felt terrific about it. I thought of it as a warm Danish from an expensive pastry shop."

Read their whole conversation right here.