Strong Arm: Obama says he's committed to an assault weapons ban, despite political whining.

Job Creators: WalMart announces a plan to hire any recent veteran who wants a job.

Big Dope: Lance Armstrong comes clean that he doped and will testify against people he says pushed him to do it.

Justice Clarence Thomas Says Something! The stony-faced Supreme Court judge says four words, his first utterance in seven years.

Oregon Senator Wants to See Secret Files: Senator Ron Wyden wants to view files on the killings of Americans in counterterrorism operations.

"Christmas Tree Bombing" Trial: The local trial of Mohamed Mohamud continues today.

Pakistan Tries to Arrest its Prime Minister: Courts order the maybe politically motivated arrest of Pakistan's prime minister, who's charged with massive corruption.

France Sends Troops to Mali: The situation in Mali is apparently getting more violent, with France sending in troops.

Who Pulls the Strings in Hollywood? Increasingly, Chinese censors.

Robbing Peter: Workers are cashing out their 401k plans to stay afloat.

MIT Hacked: Anonymous attacks MIT's website as some retribution for the death of internet activist Aaron Schwartz.

Can Pedophiles Change? New research suggests maybe not.

Endangered Animal Breeding Zone: The Audubon Society has big plans for a 1,000-acre breeding program for endangered animals near New Orleans.

Lesson Learned: If you steal a train, know how to drive it.