The LA Times has this riveting article today about a case in Alaska, where conservatives formed a right-wing terrorist organization that wanted to kill judges and other government workers. The gruff, hard-talking military surplus store owner in their midst helped the FBI bust the crew before any part of their plan took place.

At the head of the militia was Schaeffer Cox, a young politico who was recently sentenced to 25 years in prison. The only question now is whether the military surplus seller, Bill Fulton, will be played by Robert Duvall, Christoph Waltz, or William H. Macy in the movie version of his life.

From the LA Times:

In another life, William Fulton was "Drop Zone Bill," a bounty hunter who ran a military surplus store in Anchorage. You need a tactical vest? A bayonet that would clip neatly onto an M-4? Bill Fulton was your man.

"We do bad things to bad people," his company jackets said. ...

Fulton and the other FBI informant, former drug runner J.R. Olson, offered the FBI an inside look at a group that seemed to be moving from right-wing, antigovernment rants — perfectly legal under the 1st Amendment — to something more dangerous. Cox had been boasting that his militia planned to set up common-law courts that would try people under principles they saw as more faithful to the U.S. Constitution. Those found guilty of serious offenses could be hanged or sold into slavery.