Well, I finally went and broke myself. Playing roller derby's a tough racket, even when you're a no-good amateur. But let's not dwell on the recreational league, when there's a whole host of kick-ass, fully functioning roller girls hitting each other.. and the Memorial Coliseum this Saturday. It's the Rose City Rollers' season 8 opener! I feel like team standings are going to be radically different after this season—guess we'll see come June. I predict the Guns N Rollers will be somewhere at the top of the heap—those gals have a searing-hot fire under their butts right now. Meanwhile both the High Rollers and last year's champs the Break Neck Betties have rosters full of rookies. And lest we forget the Heartless Heathers, whose blockers might be the toughest in the league, plus they're flying high off a long sought after victory, a 95-72 win over Seattle's Sockit Wenches. AND I hear that the Timbers Army is coming to cheer for roller derby—you don't miss that spectacle!

Sat. Jan 19 @ Memorial Coliseum
5:45 pm, $14-24, all ages
game #1: Guns N Rollers vs. Heartless Heathers
game #2: Break Neck Betties vs. High Rollers