Usually when theaters do big marathons leading up to premieres (The Avengers, Twilight, Lord of the Rings) I'm like JESUS BEING IN A REGAL CINEMAS FOR THAT LONG SOUNDS LIKE TORTURE. But that was before I heard about this, via AICN. The short version: All four Die Hards, followed by Die Hard 5.

I'm not sure why this sounds so much more fun to me than all those other marathons, but I would totally go to this. Partly because I wouldn't feel bad about ducking out to get a sandwich during Die Hard 2 or Live Free or Die Hard, so long as I caught the part where John McClane surfs on an airplane. The first Die Hard is fantastic—a legitimately great action film, one of the best—and though the sequels don't come anywhere close, they're still fun. (Except for Die Hard 2. Die Hard 2 is pretty terrible.) Maybe it's the fact this just seems like goofy, mindless action that makes watching a whole lot of it seem much less daunting than, say, Lord of the Rings: Don't want to pay attention? No problem! You won't miss much! But you can still hear a wacky Samuel L. Jackson joke every once in a while!

Anyway, no word on if this is going to be happening at theaters in Portland, but if it isn't, it will definitely be happening at my house.

Plane surfin' USA.