My new second-favorite celebrity prank calling story is almost as good as my first-favorite celebrity prank calling story. Last night, during a taping of his Harmontown podcast, deposed Community creator Dan Harmon and his pal Jason Sudeikis called world-famous jerk Chevy Chase—with Sudeikis doing his Joe Biden impression. They did this despite the following two facts, which Vulture helpfully notes: "One, as Sudeikis pointed out, he actually sounds nothing like Joe Biden. And two, Chase’s phone clearly identified Harmon as the caller." Vulture continues:

“Hey, Chevy, it’s Joe Biden,” said [Jason] Sudeikis. “I just want to say we thank you for being a great patriot, and have fun in the country. We hope the country you always want to go back to is America.”

The story goes on to note that "Harmon has called Chase before on his live podcast. On the January 4 show, he tried to get him to come on the show to play live Dungeons & Dragons."

Harmontown is coming to Portland to record a live show at Helium on January 30, and I am very excited, and I am keeping my tickets underneath my pillow for safe keeping, and I may or may not be rewatching Community for like the fourth time as I write this.

Thanks to Blogtown commenter/Joe Biden superfan Joneser for the heads up.