Welcome to Blogtown's newest series "Now I've Seen Everything" in which I see something I've never seen before, proclaim "Now I've seen everything!" and then kill myself. Today in things I've never seen (but now that I have, I've seen everything), are two dogs arguing with each other over Skype. Not over the concept of Skype, but actually Skyping each other and arguing! And what's even more infuriating is that the argument that the two dogs are having isn't even all that interesting. Something about someone being promised a bone, and not receiving it? WHO CARES, DOGS?? You are the first two dogs to ever Skype!! Can't you fucking get along for two fucking seconds and make some fucking history by talking about something that fucking MATTERS? Like, I don't know... gun control... or the fiscal cliff... or how it's wrong to make fun of people with dreadlocks? GAHH! Well, on the upside I don't have to kill myself because until two dogs actually say something of merit to each other on Skype, I truly have not "seen everything." (I'll keep looking though!)