This I, Anonymous goes out to all our homies at Beaumont Middle School—and in particular the girls who go there and also ride the #44 bus!

Today we saw some of your rowdy classmates pile onto the bus, being loud and disrespectful. The bus driver even yelled at them. They pulled the cord a stop later thankfully, but while getting off the bus, one of the boys yelled "I CAN'T STAND IT, ALL THE GIRLS ON THIS BUS ARE UGLY!!!".

UGHHHH!! Young boys are sincerely the worst. Thankfully, this writer minimizes some of the damage with her kind words to the girls onboard that bus who were so gravely insulted. IT GETS BETTER, GALS! And btw, if you have any rants or confessions to direct at the dicks of the world, drop 'em off in the I, Anonymous Blog, where you don't have to wait until high school's over before getting your sweet revenge.