It's that time of year again: Your local Buffalo Exchanges (1420 SE 37th & 1036 W. Burnside) are taking donations of fur garments (either full-on coats or collars, trim, etc—shearling too) for Coats for Cubs, which re-purposes them as bedding for injured and orphaned wildlife. It's a good solution if you have some fur on your hands that you're not sure you can rock (my in-laws thrifted a full-length fur coat for me, which I don't think I'd be comfortable wearing, even on the East Coast)—it won't become landfill, and will serve a guilt-purging purpose. Plus it can be in any condition. Critters don't care. Drop 'em off anytime during either store's regular hours from now until April 22nd—do it for the cute baby raccoons.

(Caution: The following video contains brief footage of PETA-like horrorshow fur factory documentation. You've probably seen worse, but if you're feeling delicate today, don't watch all the way through.)