Want a bite-sized tidbit? Jump to 1:13:57 for the last couple of jams to see when the tide definitively turns in GNR's favor.

Surprises abounded at last weekend's Rose City Rollers' Season 8 Opener at the Memorial Coliseum—there were unexpected winners, losers, and some cray-cray afterparty dancers. In what looked like was going to be the roller-derby version of a slam dunk for the Heartless Heathers, saw them instead get the ol' Scald Eagle last-minute mega-jamming treatment, which led to a narrow loss to the Guns N Rollers. FINAL: Guns N Rollers 186, Heartless Heathers 152. It was a hell of a game what with Heathers blocker French Tickler meeting the penalty max and being ejected from the track, Amazon-esque Scald getting into some hard-hitting dust-ups with Heathers blocker the Blast Unicorn, a (tough) lanky lass, and Heathers jammer Slay Miserables juking for her life. The Heathers were playing great, looking far more cohesive as a team than last season—blocker Tatty Munster was on fire, and Mel Mangles, who's known for her bombastic blocking skated as jammer 11 times. But it wasn't enough vim to hold off the warmed-up play of GNR—who handily won last season's two bouts against the Heathers—with Roarshock Tess, FranknHurter, and Scarlene keeping defenses airtight, while Scald and Ivana Thrasher racked up points. It sure didn't hurt that GNR had minimal penalties in the second half. They finished strong.

Hit the jump for a recap and video of the High Rollers vs. Break Neck Betties game—another fantastic bit of play.

The highly anticipated game between last year's champs, the Break Neck Betties, and the want-it-so-bad High Rollers kicked off with a steadily growing lead by the gals in green on the Rollers. They kept the lead heading toward halftime, padding it out with great jamming by Napoleon Blownapart and Feliz Brutality. But aggressive play by the Betties' Licker N Split and high-scoring jams saw the score get neck-n-neck by halftime, with a power jam by the Betties' Mutch Mahem finally prying the lead from the High Rollers. Halftime: Betties 85, High Rollers 81. It looked like the Betties were going to keep that lead, but then Napoleon hammered nails into that dream with a 35-point power jam. Yowza. Couple that with some crucial penalties by the Betties and Megahurtz getting ejected for a flagrant forearm penalty, and it just wasn't enough for the the 2012 champs. Plus the High Rollers' defenses were on point with Texine, Penny Dreadful, and Skeeve Holt hitting and blocking like brick houses. FINAL: High Rollers 212, Break Neck Betties 156.