Rumors started circulating earlier this week that the staff of the Cinemagic theater, on SE 20th and Hawthorne, had been let go—rumors, it turns out, that were true. The Cinemagic is under new management, and the theater's former owner, Chuck Nakvasil, Jr., says a former employee of the theater is its new owner. In taking over, the new owner replaced the Cinemagic's staff with one he already had.

Considering layoffs occurred, it's not surprising there aren't a ton of details about the changes—but layoffs aside, the changes sound pretty run-of-the-mill. Nakvasil says he's helping oversee the theater's transition, and he doesn't predict any big shifts when it comes to the mainstream, first-run films that the Cinemagic currently books. The Cinemagic will be upgrading soon to digital projection—it's one of the few theaters in Portland that hasn't already switched over—and it will continue to serve as one of the venues for the Portland International Film Festival. In the coming weeks, Nakvasil says, we can expect to see a "general cleanup" of the theater—the plan, he says, is "pretty much [to] keep it the same—the same, but better."