Barack Obama is planning a Very Important Speech on immigration reform this morning—where he'll thank a group of senior senators for their bipartisan whack at the issue but then go on to propose his own proposals, expected to be just wee bit more liberal.

Days of rioting in Egypt, outbursts that feel like the norm and not the exception there, have the army making noises about "collapse" and threatening to seize power, again, from the Islamists recently elected to office.

The French-led assault on Mali's Islamist rebels has gone well for the French and Mali's government but terribly for history. Rebels fleeing Timbuktu, once part of a great ancient civilization, are reportedly torching 800-year-old artifacts and documents.

Africa's an interesting place, isn't it?
Lots of Islamists in the news, right? Yeah, well, now the US military wants a drone base there.

In case you need it, Google Maps now has directions to all of North Korea's hotels, subway stops, and forced-labor camps.

Classy gun-crazed Americans
, shouting "Second Amendment," heckled a father whose 6-year-old son was shot to death in the Newtown massacre last month.

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is stepping down. We'll all be reminded that he was a Republican serving under a Democratic president.

The GOP-approved returnto pre-recession Social Security tax rates have cut into consumer confidence, forcing consumers to choose between heated seats and DVD players in their German luxury sedans.

Penthouse's Bob Guccione had a forgotten storage locker that was filled with exactly what you'd expect it to be filled with: dirty pictures.

These dorks have been playing tag for so long—23 years—that a national newspaper decided to give a shit.