It makes perfect sense: Just like you might go in on an entire cow's worth of meat or a year's worth of produce, Cyril's—the relatively new cheese shop/wine bar that shares a space with Clay Pigeon Winery (it's a husband and wife team: Sasha Davies does the cheese, Michael Claypool does the wine)—is launching a community supported cheese program. Here's the deal:

Each month Cyril’s will post a description of the cheese we plan to bring in for our cheese club. Signing up for that month’s membership means you agree to purchase one pound of the cheese and pick up the cheese on or after the specified arrival date at Cyril’s. If Cyril’s gets enough folks to sign up before the date we need to place our order for the cheese—the club is ON for the month. Note: If we don’t get enough people, you are never charged and we simply try again the following month with a new cheese.

Cyril's will also host a private event for participants on the cheese pickup date (optional to attend), where Davies will talk about the cheese, suggest/sample pairings, and attendees will get to help decide what the next month's selection will be. You can opt in or out month to month, which is nice considering that the price per month to play will vary depending on the selection.

February kicks off with "L’Amuse Gouda, a two-year old Dutch gouda that tastes like salted caramel, butterscotch and cheese rolled into one." Head over to their kickstarter for more info and to get your feet wet.