I'm certain you already know of this coming Saturday's Malt Ball—AKA the most awesome marriage of bands and craft brew EVER. However, you don't have to be a night owl to enjoy it! The fest (read all about it here) lasts from 2 pm - midnight, but you can buy awesome half-day admission if you've got other things to do with your life. (Doubtful, but possible!) And guess what? We specifically made the 2-7 pm showcase super awesome, just for those who like to get their drinking and music listening done early. Check out this stellar lineup for the 2-7 pm showcase!

2:15 Street Nights
3:00 Minden
3:45 Marty Marquis
4:30 Hausu
5:15 Old Light
6:00 Caleb Klauder Country Band

SOOOO awesome. Now you can get tickets for one or both showcases here, but how's about I give away TWO FREE TICKETS to the 2-7 pm early bird showcase? Simply email me here by noon tomorrow (Friday, Feb 1) and put "Early Bird Malt Ball Tix, Please!" in the subject line. If you win I'll email you back and let you know!

But for all that's holy, do not miss the Malt Ball—it's like beer... for your ears!

Image: Alin Dragulin
  • Image: Alin Dragulin