One of the highlights of last year's Bridgetown Comedy Festival was the incredibly funny James Adomian. He's a gifted mimic and at his best when doing characters, and looks at everything through a sharp, relevant, satirical lens. Unfortunately even though he's been at every Bridgetown since the festival's inception, it sounds like he won't be there this year (according to a note on his website). So this Sunday is our only early-2013 chance to see him, Portland!

He'll be at Funny Over Everything at the Hollywood Theatre at 8pm on Sunday night. This is one of Portland's best showcases, bringing in some of the most interesting comedians in the country for a show that's only $10. Ten bucks! And you can afford the beer and popcorn there, too!

Whether he's imitating Gary Busey, George W. Bush, Jesse Ventura, or any of the other hundreds of characters he's got, the man is hilarious.

Feature act Ryan Conner has an easygoing, storytelling style that's really friendly and positive but relentless in calling bullshit on bullshit.

Check out the show and you'll also get to see local favorites Ian Karmel, Shane Torres and Sean Jordan. For just ten bucks! So pace yourself when you're at your Super Ground Bowl Hog Day party, and make sure you get to this show.

And until then, watch this: