As we told you (YOU'RE WELCOME), deposed Community creator Dan Harmon was in town last week to record an episode of his podcast, Harmontown. And as someone who was there, I will tell you this: It was one of the most beautiful nights of my life. Even though all I can really remember is (A) Harmon, topless, with a camera strapped to his head, roaring at the audience, (B) a lot of jokes about Sasquatch rape, and (C) raps! A ton of raps! There was also some Dungeons & Dragons. And vodka.

I have no idea how well this particular live show will translate into an audio-only podcast. (Some of the subtle nuances of Topless Harmon might be lost without the visual element, and then there are Harmon's raps—how will they fare without their concomitant dance component?) But fuck it, it's worth a shot! All of this is a roundabout way of saying: The Portland episode of Harmontown is up. Listen here.