Talkdemonic fans in Portland already have something to look forward this week: They're playing this Saturday, February 9 at Cleveland High School as part of a benefit for Music in the Schools. That's with the Helio Sequence and Yeti Sweater—more info about that show (which is going to be awesome) is here.

But! There is additional good news for Talkdemonic fans, particularly those who have other plans Saturday night, or those who are monsters and simply hate kids and/or music education.

A mysterious act called "VioHazard (featuring members of Talkdemonic)" is taking the Bunk Bar stage tonight, and while most details remain shrouded in secrecy, a little bird told me that maybe, just maybe, this will be a Talkdemonic set. And the photo above gives us an idea of what VioHazard looks like. I'm no expert, but that looks to me like TD regulars Kevin O'Connor and Lisa Molinaro alongside bassist Jay Winebrenner (Street Nights, 31knots) and synth/banjo player Dustin Dybvig (New Pioneers, Horse Feathers). And that same little bird—speaking in perfect English, weirdly—suggests that this will be an all-live set of Talkdemonic music, performed without laptops or backing tracks. Using the powers of deduction, I'll venture that tonight's VioHazard show is a warm-up gig for the new four-piece version of Talkdemonic, for their upcoming tour with the Helio Sequence (of which Saturday's Cleveland High School show is one of several dates around the Northwest).

Speaking of alter egos, Electric Ill is opening tonight's Bunk Bar gig. Electric Ill is the new futuresynth electrofunk project of Viva Voce's Kevin Robinson, and he'll be selling a new record titled Twisted Light at the show tonight. Check out some Electric Ill on Soundcloud right now. And tix for tonight are on sale here.