Hot tipper Amy* sent this pic to our mailbox, depicting a billboard currently hanging on the east side of the Burnside Bridge.


Now I've done a lot of theater, but have never been to an "audtion"—so naturally I was intrigued, and immediately went to the AMTC (Actors Models and Talent for Christ) website where I read the following:

Founded in 1982, Actors Models and Talent for Christ is a ministry, a mission and a movement that provides aspiring performers with professional direction, industry introductions, and spiritual preparation so they can shine for Christ in the entertainment industry.


Against a dark backdrop, light is revealed. His performers stand strongly for Jesus as positive role models in a world that desperately seeks them. They enter Stage Right onto the sets of Hollywood. They stand in for the King.


Through God, AMTC polishes His future stars and launches them into important roles in film, fashion, music, and theater.

Hmmm... does this mean I'll have to give God a 10 percent "agent fee" in addition to the 10 percent I'm already supposed to tithe? OH, WELL! Anything to be a STAR!!

"Audtions" will be held at the Oregon Convention Center on Saturday, March 2—so what are you waiting for? Register to "audtion" today! (Yeah, actually the "audtion" takes place in March, rather than "this month" which is what the billboard says... but when you're a Christian, what's a couple of factual inaccuracies when the Bible is chock full of 'em?)

*Thanks, Amy!