Bill Would Require Every High School Student in Idaho to Read Atlas Shrugged


1) unethical reasons for the bill
2)Ayn Rand is overrated and that novel sucks
That novel does suck, but is it any worse than half the shit they made me read in High school? No, not by a long shot.

I'd rather have kids read a political book they despise, rather than some two centuries old garbage that's completely irrelevant in modern society, but selected only because it’s generally acceptable to a good portion of society. At minimum, after these kids read it they’ll be able to refute it and point to its plain stupidity. Teenagers can deal with this, and it’s not like they’d be reading “Capitalism: the unknown ideal.”

This book has substantial value to enough people in society that a major political figure, the guy running as Vice President, actually cited his knowledge of this text as an emblem of why he deserves support. I think that’s substantial, and I think this book is worthy of Oregon students reading it too.
Here in Oregon they would have gotten stuck at the "reading" part
It kills me that none of these Repub zealots ever deal with her VERY STRIDENT ATHEISM!
Atlas Sharted
If he really want's to make them suffer he'd make them watch the movie.
ARGH. This makes me so angry! I'm now inspired to write a very long, very tedious novel where the protagonist takes objectivist opposition to such forced legislation as well as the ills of government intrusion.

So, what's Atlas Shrugged about again? I forgot.