The sweet jumble of home goods and vintage clothing that is eclectic shop Lowell is one of those amazing little unique local businesses that feels entirely personal and somewhat whimsical: It's less of a place to specifically go to find, like, spoons than to just wander into and see what appeals to you. It may turn out to be an antique Oaxacan vase, a rug, a vintage flight jacket or... spoons. These kind of magpie environs make it an obvious venue for art shows, but the one scheduled to debut on February 28 (reception 6-9 pm, up through March 28) reaches beyond the visual to appeal to buffs of history, film, theater, and (even) circus.

"The Long Road- Theater, Film, and Circus posters of Poland and the USSR 1950's-1970's" is a pretty self-explanatory title, but some specifics: The display is an excerpt from the private collection of Jason Leonard, who owns the Affiche Studio, which restores poster and other paper-based memorabilia for museums, galleries and collectors around the world, which is pretty fascinating in itself. The show will include, "the Polish poster for the French film LOLA (1967) by Jacques Demy, starring Anouk Aimee... the Russian film poster for The Long Road (1956)... a Polish theater poster for FAUST (1964)." If that sounds like the kind of thing you might fall in love with, know that the "private collection" part doesn't mean they're not for sale; on the contrary, they've all been restored and linen-backed for your wallet-busting pleasure.