MOTORCYCLE SHOW—Lovers of motorcycles, design, art, music, and parties all come out for the One Motorcycle Show, a massive annual showcase of custom motorcycles, artist-customized helmets, and bands (the Lonesome Billies, Erotic City). Opening night is always well attended, so bring some cash for the bar and remember: For your own safety, do not touch the bikes! MS
Sandbox Studio, 420 NE 9th, Fri opening night 5 pm-midnight, Sat noon-11 pm, Sun 11 am-2 pm, FREE,

STAND-UP COMEDY—If Portland's entire queer community isn't in love with Cameron Esposito, it's only because they haven't heard of her yet. The bike-riding, side-mulletted comedian absolutely killed at October's All Jane No Dick festival: She's tiny, brash, and hilarious, and I guaran-goddamn-tee this town will love her. AH.
Curious Comedy Theater, 5225 NE MLK, 8 pm, $12