So this guy thinks we should cut funds to help the homeless—but only some of the homeless? WHAT?

I'm not saying we need to throw the ones with genuine problems to the wolves. But we definitely need to redirect some of the General Homeless Money to actual treatment and help for addiction, victim counseling and mental illness.

The ones that are (relatively) sane are just nasty scroungers that need to find another city or go somewhere that isn't at homeless critical mass. Especially the fucking street kids with their nasty ass dogs drinking out of fountains. Or the one that rubbed his fingers together and yelled "MONEY FOR THE HOMELESS" at me today.

Soooooo how exactly are we supposed to judge which ones have genuine "problems" and which ones are just annoying you? OH, THE MYSTERIES OF THE I, ANONYMOUS BLOG! Submit your own half-baked ideas on how to solve the problems of the world (along with your rants and confessions)!