As noted earlier, VALENTINE'S DAY IS TOMORROW. And while you can find hundreds and hundreds of heartfelt reader submitted love letters in this week's Mercury, there is also... well, "a" love note on the I, Anonymous blog. (KInd of? Sort of? Not really?)

Girl, I see you. I see you word-vomiting all over the interwebs with your self-pitying moaning and groaning about never getting any. The damn shame is that if you'd take half the ego you front and put it where it matters, you'd get to do a whole different kind of moaning.

"Different kind of moaning"? What is he... OHHHHHH! I get it now. So, while this isn't exactly a "love note" in the classic sense, it's definitely close enough for the I, Anonymous Blog. Go on! Submit your own rants, confessions, and awkward, absolutely unromantic messages of love!