Every year, our office celebrates Valentine's Day with a cookie contest. We're given a ton of heart-shaped plain cookies, some different colors of icing and supplies, at which point we decorate the shit out of some cookies. Then we see who's the best. Then the winner is a complete bragging jackass about it throughout the year. (Me.)

Anyway, since no one will allow me to be the sole judge and winner anymore, we've decided to let the nearly always wrong readers of Blogtown have the final decision. We've narrowed it down to the top seven cookies, which are pictured after the jump. Take a look at them, and then vote! (And as always, feel free to shit talk the cookies in the comments.) Good luck to all cookies, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

These are the rejects... dont look at these.
  • These are the rejects... don't look at these.

1) "Bromance in the Snow"


2) "Tub Full of Flowers... and What are Those Things? Birds?"


3) "Jurassic Heart"


4) "Love Sick (With Actual Valium)"


5) "Obligatory"


6) "Nice Rack"


7) "Total Recall"