Whoo-hoo! It's always a great day when the I, Anonymous Blog receives an actual confession. And while this person isn't necessarily super apologetic—at least he's owning up to what he said. Check it:

So this woman was on one of those sit-down "disability scooter" things, getting on a bus. The bus driver put down the ramp and for some reason, instead of going in forward, the woman decides she had to go in backwards. So she goes backwards off-course and hits the side of the door. She goes forward and tries again, and hits the side of the door again.

All I said was "nope," just something that came out of my mouth automatically. Didn't say anything else. She glared at me and started yelling. "I don't need any advice from you — I don't tell you how to walk down the sidewalk," plus some other things.

So what did Anonymous say in response to this angry disabled person? Find out here, and if you have any confessions you'd like to make (oh okay, rants too), drop them off in the I, Anonymous Blog—home of the semi-apologetic confession!