Did you watch The Walking Dead last night? Oh... okay, so a few of you did. How many of you watched Girls instead? Just about as many! So let's chitty-chat about BOTH, whaddayasay?? Join me after the jump for my spoiler-filled observations, and leave your own in the comments! LET'S START CHITTY-CHATTING! (Oh, and you can talk about Downton Abbey too, if you wish.)

Now am I crazy, or did Hannah keep her clothes on for an entire episode?
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  • "Now am I crazy, or did Hannah keep her clothes on for an entire episode?"

Okay, so here's what I'm thinking....

1) Glenn takes over leadership of the gang while Darryl is having a family reunion with one-armed redneck brother Merle, and Rick is chasing Lori's ghost around the compound because... HE'S KRAAAAA-ZY! Unfortunately, Glenn kind of sucks as a leader and rushes off to take revenge on Guv'nah Morrissey and the Woodbury Liberal Arts College gang. Instead, I think they should elect the zombie just outside the gate with half his skull missing. True, he's hungry for brains, but I love his position on immigration reform.

2) Meanwhile over at Girls, Hannah is so busy with her new e-book deal (due in a month) she doesn't even have time to be naked in this episode. (And while we're on the topic, Marnie's insistance on being "never-nude" is really starting to annoy me. If you're on Girls, YOU ARE NUDE 80 PERCENT OF THE TIME. End of story.)

3) Meanwhile back in Zombieville, Darryl rescues a Hispanic family (with some grudging, racist-y assistance from Merle) and because that could've gone better, Darryl decides to go back to the prison—with or without his stupid tobacco-spitting brother. (Notice how Darryl can't spit as well as Merle? His heart isn't into it.)

4) Meanwhile back in hipster Brooklyn, Marnie is asked by her not-really-boyfriend Boothe-Jonathan to host his upcoming hipster party, and because she's an insecure narcissist, she thinks it's their first party together as a couple. SHE IS WRONG. Cue boo-hoo.

5) Meanwhile back at the Woodbury Liberal Arts College, the Guv'nah puts Blondie McGunnerson in charge. (HAHAHAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA! Right.) He also vows to forgive and forget Rick's Rangers, and not exact his revenge at the prison. (HAHAHAAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA! Right.)

6) Meanwhile back in Staten Island (where apparently really horrible people live), Ray tries to regain his copy of Little Women from Adam who coerces him into returning a dog to the aforementioned really horrible people of Staten Island. They argue a lot about something, and Ray is stuck with the dog. THE END (of a half-assy subplot).

7) Meanwhile back in crazy Rick's brain, Farmer McDrunky tries to snap Rick out of his funk while prisoner Axel (the one who looks like a young Col. Sanders) tries to make sexy time with Carol, but is stymied in his pursuit when HE'S SHOT IN THE HEAD. (Gasp!) Waitasecond... are you trying to tell me that the Guv'nah went back on his word to that idiot Blondie McGunnerson and is attacking the prison anyway?? DICK.

8) Think Rick's Rangers have problems? Hannah cannot complete the first sentence in her e-book! Arrrghh!! (Punches pillow in frustration.)

9) After pinning the gang down with gunfire, the Guv'nah sends a van-full of zombies (tourists, maybe?) into the prison, fires his gun randomly into the air and leaves. (Isn't that just like a man?) On the upside, Merle gets an opportunity to win back the affections of the gang, and... where's Glenn? Oh, here he comes. He was busy working on his e-book.

10) WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THIS EPISODE(S)? Leave your comments in the mini-e-book generator below!

Staten Island is worse. NO, Woodbury Liberal Arts College is worse.
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  • "Staten Island is worse." "NO, Woodbury Liberal Arts College is worse."