Capturing Digital Pirates—How It Works!


This is why Virtual Private Networks are quite lovely little things.
You don't need a VPN, and I'm willing to bet that 1% of readers here actually use a VPN service outside of work. I've used VPN's for private use, and they're expensive without providing significant benefit over traditional encyption.

Just use SSL-encrypted services. SSL encrypts your connection so no one can read it. You can download SSL-encrypted torrent files by clicking "secure download" on most torrent trackers. Also, keep your bittorrent client current and install the updates regularly.

SSL is free.
VPN's cost money.
@FAX: You really should try and stick to topics that you know anything about (I don't know what they are, but this is not one of them). There is NO way that using SSL will protect your IP address from the type of honey-pots used by copyright enforcers in regards to torrenting.

I don't think you understand how either the torrent protocol works or how SSL would not impact that at all. If you were talking about SSL and it's use in regards to Usenet direct downloads, then you might be informative, but as it is.... Stop it.

VPN is the best bet if you want to cover your tracks is pay for a VPN service (it's relatively cheap, in the ~$10 range) and then set up your router to use the VPN. That way all traffic on your network is going through the service.