This summer, Trek in the Park will present the final episode in their "five-year mission" to present live Star Trek episodes in Portland's parks. They're closing with the classic episode "The Trouble with Tribbles," which means that they're in need of a whole lot of furballs before the show opens in August.

Last night, the Jack London Bar* threw a Tribble-making party, to help Trek in the Park achieve critical Tribble mass. Fake fur, stuffing, and other supplies were provided, and Trek fans turned out in droves. The Jack London looked like the nerdiest sweatshop ever. It was pretty great. In fact, last night went off so well that the Jack London has already scheduled another party, for April 22—Earth Day.

There are some great photos from last night posted to the Jack London's Facebook page. My crappy iphone photo doesn't really do it justice. (Look for a photo of Kirk, aka Adam Rosko, reclining on a bed of Tribbles.)

*Full disclosure: My older sister runs the Jack London, and organized this event.