Stoned Seattle Gal Takes Most Awesome Driving Test Ever


Ugh. It drives me crazy that they didn't find any way to test reaction time. I'm not worried about someone that stoned going off the road or clipping a stop sign -- I'm worried about them not being able to stop in time for a bicycle or a kid in the street or an imaginary skunk, no, really, I swear to god it was just there.
Addy is my favorite. I could watch her driving while stoned for hours.
I don't know if reaction time would answer anything, because stoned drivers might (it's possible) drive slower which could negate any decrease. I'm not channelling this ( any more than I have to, but their velocity before/after stoned is very different. Being inattentive is probably more of a problem. Notice Addy joke about "should I answer my cell phone?"-- she has insight, and jokes about it. She's high and makes the right decision.
How is this anything but anti-marijuana propaganda? At the end of the video it says she opposes driving while high. Awesome, so you just tricked us in to watching a fundamentally biased video.
Lies! There are absolutely no negative aspects of marijuana use! None. Zero. It is impossible for there to be any. Any and all attempts to paint the Hobbiton Herb as anything other than a magical wonder drug shall be met with dissembling, fierce denials, and outright name calling. In fact, when I smoke marijuana, I exhale unicorn breath and my eyes shoot rainbows with healing powers.