Gay Marriage Has Gone Mainstream


Either the survey has some problems, or we might actually have to thank the Tea Party for something.

The neocons from 5-10 years ago were staunchly against legalizing gay marriage because of the whole "we are a Christian nation" argument. Being ousted from power has turned them anti-government, which might actually have the surprising side effect of making them now think that, at the very least, who gets married shouldn't be left to the government to decide.

Then again, responding to a survey and voting are very different. Let's hope to see it on the ballot here soon, or even a DOMA repeal.
The Tea Party was just the Republican Party rebranded, and they have the same views on social issues. This has nothing to do with the Tea Party.

As a researcher who has done a lot of survey work, my first inclination is to distrust the wording of the questions which were probably written from a sympathetic point of view and made it less favorable to answer in the negative. I've also never heard of Anzalone Liszt Grove Research. Attitudes toward gay marriage are changing rapidly, and I've no doubt it will continue the trend toward legalization, but I'm hesitant to put any real weight into the specific results of this particular survey, especially since they didn't publish question text or crosstabs.
I don't trust these poll results; they feel off in the same way (though of course the opposite direction) as the ones FRC and NOM like to promote.

But in the meantime... I actually came to this page by clicking a link that read "Business Owners Risk Losing WiFi Because of Pirating Patrons" and would like to read that article, but cannot find it. Certainly there's nothing about it here.
Thank you. That's actually a follow-up article to the one I was trying to read (and successfully found after posting here.)

Both very interesting, and neither I'd have found if not for whatever mixup made the earlier one's title show up as a link to this one.