Flavorless grain alcohol we can be proud of
  • Zakuski! is apparently Russian for "we only serve craft vodkas of the American Northwest."

Dozens of press releases come across the Mercury's food desk each day, but for some reason this one from Wildwood stuck out as worth sharing. "Zakuski"—which apparently means "Russian small plates"—is the theme of an upcoming party at their digs, where their bar is saying goodbye to imported vodkas and celebrating their switch to Oregon/Washington-only brands. Your ticket gets you seven shots of vodka, six plates of chef Dustin Clark's zakuski, and, presumably, a sympathetic room in which to thump your chest and weep openly to Mussorgsky.

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Copied from the press release:

Wildwood is pleased to announce that all of our vodkas are now local! No more imports, no national brands. Only craft vodkas from Oregon and Washington. We are also debuting our new house made charcuterie board, and so what better way to celebrate both than with a Russian style zakuski party.

Zakuski are traditional Russian small plates—one or two bites. Usually salty meats and sausage, smokey or brined fish, pickles, etc. And always accompanied by vodka.

We will be featuring one-ounce shots of six local vodkas created by four of Oregon and Washington’s finest vodka distilleries. Each vodka, including two house infused with savory herbs, will be poured by the distiller at a table where it will be paired with one of Chef Dustin Clark’s zakuski. Each guest will receive a “passport” which will be checked off with each pairing, and guests will receive one additional vodka of their choice from their favorite distillery.

Come meet the distillers; Lee Medoff (Bull Run), Mike Sherwood (Sub Rosa), Tom Burkleaux (New Deal), and Ryan Hembree (Skip Rock) as they pour, talk about their vodkas, and offer toasts. Wear your fur hat, practice your best impression of Boris & Natasha, and bring your hammer & sickle (just kidding).

Space at this unique event is limited so please reserve your place early.

Advance Tickets: $25
Day of: $30

Reservations: shelly@wildwoodpdx.com | 503.225.0130