Thank you public meeting spaces of Portland, (and the world for that matter), with zero IT savy. You provide fertile ground for me and those like me to hone my skill set. As I write this We are using bit torrent to copy no less than three movies, a porn clip and the last Gaga single, not to mention port scanning the fancy Macbook Air of the guy sitting next of me. The coffee house we are sitting in went to all the trouble of requiring a password to gain access to the wireless, but failed to lock down admin functions. For those with our skill set, not only have you left the front door wide open, but you have put up a Las Vegas sized neon sign that reads "Ignorent and gullible, please exploit".

Believe me, I'm trying my damnedest to be impressed... though are you certain you can't expend your energy in more useful ways? Like perhaps penning a heartrending confession to the I, Anonymous Blog—where we hack directly into your heart.