North Korea attempted to threaten the U.S. over military drills in South Korea. Allies, South Korea and the U.S. regularly conduct joint military drills followed by North Korea warning of war and threatening to deliver a devastating blow, usually followed by nothing.

Protests marking Bradley Manning's 1000th day in jail for releasing classified documents through WikiLeaks are taking place at over 70 locations today. In the US, planned actions stretched from coast to coast with events scheduled for Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New York and dozens of other communities. Ongoing protests in Corvallis or in Seattle from 12-4 are the closest you can get since there isn't an official event planned in Portland. Surprising.

"We have a bomb. It's outside. Lots of people. 4200 in envelope. Now. No alarms or we detonate."
Read a note given to the teller by Jessica Ann Rupert at the U.S. Bank on Southeast Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard Tuesday afternoon. She was released from custody to receive counseling and a drug-and-alcohol assessment, her arraignment is March 25.

Grisly story of decomposing body, identified as Elisa Lam, inside hotel water tank. Guests brushed their teeth, bathed and drank with water from it for as long as 19 days before a maintenance worker checked the tank when guests complained about the water. "It had a very funny, sweety, disgusting taste. It's a very strange taste. I can barely describe it." But because it was LA, people thought that was the way the water was supposed to taste. Seriously.

Wealth can do a lot of things, including send you to Mars. Dennis Tito plans on going to Mars (and in theory coming back) with a launch planned for 2018. The alignment of Earth and Mars is ideal at that time and won't occur again until 2031. If his name sounds familiar that may be because in 2001 he paid $20 million to go to space aboard a Russian craft. The entire trip is estimated to take 501 days.

Local Portland woman is one of few female upright piano restoration experts in world. The pianos she restores and sells bring in over a million dollars per year to her SE Portland shop, Immortal Piano Co. And if you ever wondered what brings a Californian to our lovely state, "It skipped my mind that I saw a dead body by the side of the road." Apparently Oakland wasn't the safest place to live at the time.

Cleotha Staples, founding member of the Staple Singers, has passed away at 78, after suffering from Alzheimer's disease for 12 years. She was known for many works but "Respect Yourself" is one of her better known songs.