Rapacious payday lenders are migrating online as more states ban their brick-and-mortar presence—and, lo and behold, with the help of every major bank you've ever heard of, their usury has continued unabated.

Wielding fuzzy allegations that US special forces are hiring torture-happy Afghans, the former oilman appointed to oversee Afghanistan has booted American soldiers from a province on the front lines of the fight against the Taliban.

Senators could be close to a bipartisan deal on background checks for private gun sales—except for a massive amount of Republican indigestion over whether to also keep records of those private sales.

Twice in 2012 the Obama administration sent someone to meet in secret with North Korea's ruling elite, hoping to maybe, pretty please, c'mon, why not, lay some groundwork for warmer relations. North Korea answered last week, you may remember, with a nuclear test.

Sequestration! It's gonna hurt! Probably!

The election of Barack Obama magically disappeared all persistent and institutional racism everywhere, so no, we totally don't need the Voting Rights Act anymore, the fine and progressive people of Alabama are about to tell the US Supreme Court.

The universe
frequently reminds us why it's almost always a terrible idea to attend Nascar events.

Did you know that America had a veterinarian bubble? Did you also know that said bubble has just burst?

Now the brother of murder-accused Olympian Oscar Pistorius also is accused of murder—joining, in some fucked up trinity, the investigator in Oscar Pistorius' case.

Was the so-called "cannibal cop," on trial in New York, really just doing a verrry convincing job of pretending to be a sex cannibal on the internet?

People who leave porn
should be able to do whatever the fuck else they want to do with the rest of their lives. Like this fired middle school science teacher.

Stanley Burrell reminds us he's still alive after tweeting about his scuffle with cops in the tract-home-and-hillbilly fringe of the Bay Area.