Republicans Support Gay Marriage. No, this isn’t a joke. In a move that sticks it to Speaker John Boehner, a small group of renegade Republicans have signed a legal brief arguing gay people should have the right to marry. The brief will be legal ammunition in a suit challenging California’s Proposition 8.

Speaking of Republicans…

Republicans Are Being Blamed for Budget Cuts. According to a new Pew Research Center survey, more Americans are blaming Republicans for the looming budgets cuts (set to take effect this Friday) than President Obama. I wonder why that is?

Bombing Remembered. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the first World Trade Center bombing. A ceremony honoring the six people that died in the attack is being held today in New York.

Parents Mark One-Year Anniversary of Son’s Death. The parents of Trayvon Martin, the unarmed teenager that was shot and killed by a Florida copneighborhood watch volunteer last year, are in New York today to mark the one-year anniversary of their son’s death.

Saudis Back Syrian Rebels. Saudi Arabia is now buying weapons for Syrian rebels in their fight with President Bashar al-Assad.

What Sanctions? Iran has found a way around those darn oil sanctions, and it’s probably the worst idea ever: Decommissioned Oil Tankers Rescued from the Scrapheap!!! The oil—surprise, surprise—is headed for China.

That reminds me, I seem to remember another big story about oil and water not mixing.

More Weird Meat!!! Following news that horsemeat was found in IKEA meatballs, the media continues its fascinatation with genetic studies tracking the contents of hamburger. Frankly, until this story goes Über-Upton Sinclair I’m not going to pay attention.

Closer to home...

Bureaucracy’s Sweet Smell. Residents near Daimler Trucks' North Portland plant and Nature’s Needs’ compost plant in North Plains say the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is doing nothing to stop the nasty odors emanating from these two facilities.

Snow Blows! And if you even think about complaining about Portland’s less than idyllic climate today, just remember at least you don’t live in Kansas.

Now, for no good reason other than I like it, a really awesome illustrated lecture on the brain.