Last week Google finally showed us what Google Glass might look like in action. The Lavar Burton-esque face computer is going to debut next year for the price of a high end laptop that you don't have to wear. Here's the video from the perspective of a rich person's eyes:

Basically you just speak to your face computer with false casualness and it does one of limited number of tasks. "Okay, Glass. Take a picture of this thing I'm seeing right now." In addition to taking headache-inducing videos, it can take pictures and you'll be able to have the time of day or current weather hovering over your retina permanently. Finally!

After that the uses get kinda strange. An ice sculptor looking up pictures of tigers? Um, sure. A skier using a map to navigate down a ski slope? Maybe. More photos and videos? Yeah, we got that part. A person on a horse taking a video? That's just another video, Google. Not a new feature. Having your glasses remind you of your flight time as you're running through the airport? Not super helpful, Glass. If only I had known what time it was I wouldn't have been so late.

In truth Google admits it doesn't know what you're going to do with Glass. That's why their next step is to beg people to tell them useful applications for their invention by tweeting with the tag #ifihadglass. For example, you could say

#ifihadglass I'd finally be able to build a first-person kisser game. Starring Melissa Joan Hart.

#ifihadglass I could ride a horse, a trapeze, a hot air balloon, or an airplane. Basically I can live in a tampon commercial.

#ifihadglass I'd always know what time it is. That would be really great.

#ifihadglass I could put a picture of Melissa Joan Hart over the face of anybody I made out with.

#ifihadglass I could watch a 3D movie with a third pair of glasses on my face!

#ifihadglass I would be kinda sick of looking at the time.

#ifihadglass I'd have have $1,500 less than I used to have.

What would YOU do if you had Glass?