AHHHHHH... here's one of my fave I, Anonymous submissions of the week... from a 60-years-YOUNG fella who walks 3-5 miles a day—but doesn't like it when students take the bus! Take it away, whippersnapper-hater!

I am OLD (60 and healthier than some of these 16 year olds) and I get where they are going faster than they do. I have literally seen some students get on the bus at the stop by the school and then seen the same ones get off 6 blocks later! What the Fuck!! My taxes are subsidizing their lazy asses a discount bus ticket to anywhere and they use it to avoid a 5 minute walk. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

What the fuck, indeed. On the other hand, perhaps this guy needs to devote his remaining energies to a worthier cause? Let Grumpy Grampy know if you agree or disagree over at the I, Anonymous Blog—home of the "Get off my yard, ye dad-blamed kids!"