While the infamous Carnival "Poop Cruise" was a debacle for all involved, it appears the Poop Cruise's trickle-down effect (ewww) has led to some good news:
In what will go down as a rare setback for the rising stars of Smash Mouth, the Spin Doctors, et al., the Mark McGrath And Friends Cruise has been canceled before it could ever set sail, consigning its mid-’90s artists to the sort of drydock drifting that does not also include make-your-own-sundae bars. The announcement was made with the usual lyricism one has come to expect from the Sugar Ray frontman, who changed the event’s official website to read, “The Mark McGrath & Friends Cruise Has Been Cancelled”...
via A/V Club

A statement from the cruise's Cap'n Mark McGrath, via Twitter:

ht: @steveleathers