The Poop Cruise Has a Silver Lining


Why would I get on a boat with Sugar Ray? I just wanna fly. Featuring Supercat.
So King Frosty Locks is saying that the Poop Cruise is what led to his cruise being cancelled? That’s a load of crap. I am sure that the Carnival Imagination will sail as planned but with a different theme & without him.
Now we'll never know which would ultimately be poopier?
That's mean; just cuz you don't like someone's music doesn't mean you should take joy in them needing to cancel an event that they and their fans were probably really looking forward to (and probably making major plans around). There are so many more deserving sources of schadenfreude you could post about.... I don't really think I can derive much glee from Spin Doctors not getting to perform on a cruise.

Oh my god I just defended Mark McGrath on the internet.
cyoung, sounds like you should start being more proactive with your hate toward Mark McGrath.
The first cruise line to feature a poop deck on their ship will be swamped with vacationers. TIC
During Sugar Ray's most recent pass through town (well, Spirit Mtn. anyway), I was reading the announcements to the crowd (no flash photography, etc.), and came to the end, "Thank you, and ___ will be with you shortly." I blanked. Who will be with us shortly? My mind came up with Crazy Town, Smash Mouth and at least two other bands before I got the right name. Christ, they suck.