UPDATE: See the comments for details, but the short version is that, embarrassingly, I have a hard time figuring out what week I'm currently living in. Alien Boy plays at Cinema 21 through next Thursday, March 7, at Cinema 21. That said. Tonight is your last chance to see a screening with director Brian Lindstrom in attendance, so at least part of this post isn't a total waste of pixels. Original post follows. Just ignore all the parts about tonight being the last night it's playing.

ORIGINAL POST: Okay, probably not your last chance to see Alien Boy—given the film's local relevance, it'll likely be screening again somewhere else sometime soonish, and I imagine it'll have occasional screenings far into the future. But tonight's your last night to see it at Cinema 21—and at the 7 pm show, it's your last chance to see a screening with director Brian Lindstrom in attendance for a Q&A.

From Denis' review:

Nearly seven years ago, James Chasse Jr. was chased and beaten by cops, kept from the medical care that would have saved his life, and left to die in the back of a police car. Lies were whispered in the minutes and hours that followed, and years have passed without any meaningful reckoning.

And ever since, Lindstrom and the film's producers, some who knew Chasse personally, worked when they could to painstakingly assemble the most definitive—and unflinching—account of a tragedy Portland should never forget.

The final screenings at Cinema 21 (616 NW 21st) are tonight at 4:30, 7, and 9, with Lindstrom in attendance for the show at 7.