We've just received word that local comedian Brady Echerer has died of a heart attack. His friends in the comedy community assembled a remarkable lineup for a show that was originally slated to be a fundraiser for his medical costs. Now it will serve as a memorial. The show will be at Dante's on Thursday, March 14 (8 pm, $5); via the press release, here's the lineup:

Lonnie Bruhn
Big Jim Willig
Belinda Carroll
Joe Hieronymus
Andie Main
Tim Hammer
Ry No
Todd Armstrong
Patrick Thomas Perkins
Joseph Ledington
Chris Shattuck
Craig Nelson
Shane Torres
Nathan Brannon

On a strange, personal note, Brady was married to longtime Blogtown commenter Amazonfemme, who passed away last year. They were both much too young. Our condolences to Brady's family and friends.