It's well-established by now that Portland has a great comedy scene. We have some excellent comics who call this place home, and we're getting more and better touring shows on a regular basis. Thing is, Portland comedy, and comedy in general, is still dominated by straight white dudes. Sure, a lot of those straight white dudes are funny—but so are a lot of other people—and it's nice to get some other representation once in while.

Enter the Lezberados, Sandra Valls and Mimi Gonzales. They're known as two of the top lesbian comics in the country, with a pile of credits, specials and guest spots. They work brilliantly together, but each has a distinctly individual style that embraces and celebrates being gay and Latina, while also reaching out to show that truly funny comedy is universal.

Joining them on the current tour is Portland's own Belinda Carroll, who was a finalist on NBC's Stand Up for Diversity, and hosts the regular comedy night at Crush.

That's tonight at the freaking awesome Bob White Theater. Get tickets at