Sequestered! The President lays a verbal smack down on congressional republicans who refused to approve tax increases for the wealthy thus triggering $85 billion in across the board cuts late Friday. We have officially been warned; things are going to get much, much worse. Look on the bright side! With all of the European socialist-style spending cuts we're on track to be just like Greece and Italy. Sunny Florida and 25% unemployment? Sign me up as long as I don't have to fly across the Atlantic and speak a language other than English!

Of the first 10,000 people exposed to radiation during the Fukushima power plant melt down only 70 showed signs of over exposure to radiation. But the residents don't have faith in the Japanese government since they didn't hear about the melt down until two months after it occurred. So the government is providing free cancer screenings every two years. Luckily, they say the increased cancer risk, even among the first responders, is not that high.

Detroit has a $300 million dollar deficit after losing their primary economic driver and 250,000 residents. So Michigan is taking over control of Detroit sending in a city manager to oversee their finances. The Governor was required by law to review the books, what did they discover? That Detroit is sinking.

But as bad as Detroit is, it's not nearly as bad as Nigeria where 40,000 women die in childbirth every year, or 14% of the total worldwide. And one small NGO is trying to solve at least a part of that problem by providing solar energy kits and medical equipment to hospitals where electricity is routinely lost during caesarean sections.

At least one person in the US still has hope that the Presidents policy on climate change might work. But, he argues, that it will be harder unless some clear, obvious, irrefutable human-induced climate disaster occurs, because hurricane Sandy wasn't clearly, obviously, or irrefutably anthropogenic in nature...

Yeah! Portland man trying to sell drugs to a woman one block from the Mollala police station butt-dialed the police during the deal leading to his arrest.

Hilarious Green Screen Prank on Weather Girl by videobash