Today's selected entry from the Willow Wiki:


Burglekutt is the prefect of the Nelwyn village and presides over the village council. He sells the seeds to the farmers in the village and accuses Willow of stealing seeds from him, but Willow explains that his family has been gathering them in the forest since the previous autumn.

Soon later, he mocks and demoralizes Willow in the fair, as he performs his magic trickery and later is presented among the hopefuls of the High Aldwin.

Burglekutt was then seen in the village council discussing the raid of the Death Dogs that ruined the fair. He suggested that the culprit responsible should be thrown in the pit. When Willow presented Elora Danan to High Aldwin, Burglekutt once more attempted to make Willow's life difficult by saying that it would be fair that it would be Willow to take the child to the Daikini crossroads and also did not allow Vohnkar to accompany him. High Aldwin, sensing Burglekutt's ill-temper, made him the "leader" of the expedition, to which a frightened Burglekutt called Vohnkar to come with him.

Once they reach the crossroads, he insists they give the baby to Madmartigan, the first Daikini they met, eager to turn back home. Willow did not trust the Daikini as he was imprisoned in the crow's cage and objected to giving the baby to him. Burglekutt then took the three warriors with him and left Willow and Meegosh.

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