Okay, so this has to be a first for the I, Anonymous Blog: A guy who exacts his revenge using crows?!?

Why? Night after night , you park on the wrong side of the street, facing the wrong direction, forcing me to do either: 1)the same, park in front of your hipster Craig's-list shanker, or 2)down the street.
Neither seem reasonable as you a) have a driveway, and b) a fucking clue.....somewhat.

So onto the local crows.

So how do the crows come into play? Find out by reading the rest here, but here's a hint: This guy is like the Aquaman of crows! Are you the Aquaman of something, like maybe rants or confessions? Leave your mark on the world by submitting to the I, Anonymous Blog—where crows happily agree to do your evil bidding!